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Keep It All Straight With eWebStaffing

At PS Medical Systems in New York City, we have developed a web-based medical back office management system that helps with everything from payroll and billing to managing approvals, called eWebStaffing. Our system is geared toward medical staffing agencies and aids in improving efficiency, reducing overhead, and increasing profitability. We have several versions of our product customized to different industries. Our system is automated to handle all aspects of operating a medical staffing agency, including:

  • Combine and Email Various Documents "On the Fly" 
  • Export Data to Payroll and Billing
  • Manage Approvals
  • Manage Credentialing
  • Use our custom built APIs for various Vendor Management Systems (VMS) integratiions 
  • Manage Employee's Availability to Work
  • Manage Scheduling Process
  • Staff RNs, Therapists, and Paraprofessionals
  • Upload/Attach Items of All Credentialing Documents

Choose eWebStaffing

Our profound knowledge of the medical staffing industry coupled with our experience developing web and mobile app technologies has allowed us to create a system that covers all the aspects of your agency's day-to-day operations. With the ability to customize the system to your needs, our technology features:

•  Billing/Invoicing
•  Candidate Approval Process            Management
•  Contracts Management 
•  External Payroll Export Data        Management

•  Facilities Orientations Management
•  Registrants Credentialing      Items/Documents/Availability to      Work Management
•  Services Scheduling Management

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Registrant Portal

Our technology features a registrant portal and mobile app, allowing your staff to take care of multiple items on the go.
The registrant portal features:

•  Assigned Schedules Inquiries
• Download/Print Capabilities
• Weekly Availability Management

• Various Forms (Time Sheets, Physicals, Etc.)
• Expired Credentialing Items Management (Ability to Upload    Credentialing Images)

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Facility Options

With our back office management system, there are many facilities tasks that can be handled through our technology portal. These include:

  • Analyzing Services History
  • Creating Sign-In Sheets
  • Managing Active Service Requests
  • Monitoring Registrant's Compliance


"The use of eWebStaffing Web Based System vastly improved control and utilization of field staff at Bells Nurses Registry while providing our management with the tools necessary to manage the productivity of its coordinators and credentialing staff. The commitment to program customization we have received from the staff of PS Medical Systems was beyond anything we could have hoped for." - Drew B., President of Bells Nurses Registry, Jamaica, NY