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School Contracts Management

eWebStaffing - Medical Staffing Management System - was designed to help Contracting Agencies manage their New York City Board of Education Contracts.

School Contracts

The following Staffing Agencies are now actively using eWebStaffing System to manage their NYC DOE contracts.

1. Gotham Per Diem
2. Legendary Therapy
3. Perfect Playground
4. Salveo Healthcare
5. Greatest Tutors
6. Aim High Speech

By utilizing eWebStaffing, these Agencies are able to:
• Import their Agency Assigned Mandates Students directly from SESIS extract file • Fully enforce Mandated Session Frequency • Duration and Group Size • Prevent Therapy Sessions from Overlapping •  Attach Session Notes Image for each Therapy Session
• Generate RSA Forms with Electronic Signatures • Allow Therapists to enter their own Completed Session information into eWebStaffing via Therapists Portal • Generate DOE Billing Portal Upload File directly from eWebStaffing and etc.

Please contact PS Medical Systems at your convenience to discuss ways your Agency can potentially benefit from utilizing our eWebStaffing System.