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School Contracts Management

 Manage Your School Contracts with Ease!

Our School Contracts Management System provides a comprehensive solution for securely managing your agency's contracts with school districts. Our system allows you to easily import Posted Transactions directly from IEP Direct™, post sessions, and validate make-up sessions, all while maintaining billing and pay rates for different school districts and clinicians.

1.Import Posted Transactions Directly from IEP Direct™
   Our system allows you to securely import Posted Transactions directly from
   IEP Direct™, which saves time and reduces errors.

2. Post Sessions and Validate Make-Up Sessions
    Our system allows you to post Direct and Consult Sessions, which are validated            against their respective mandates, including Make-up Sessions.
    This ensures that services are being provided according to the agreed-upon terms.

3. Post Various Billable Transactions, such as:

      Evaluations and Re-evaluations

      Classroom Consults

      Meeting Notes

      Notes Writing

      Annual Reviews and etc.

     By maintaining Billing Rates for different School Districts and Pay Rates
     for individual  clinicians, our system allows for accurate tracking 
     of services provided.

4. Generate Billing Invoices and Payroll Transactions
    Our system generates Billing Invoices and Payroll Transactions,
    which streamlines the billing process and saves time for your agency.

5. School District Portals
    School Districts can access all relevant information via their own portals,
    which improves communication and transparency.